Rock as advertiser

Online business is flourishing. Even those who do not sell directly online use the internet to showcase products and/or services, competing for the attention, sometimes saturated, of users.

To obtain good results it is essential, in this context, to determine the moment of intention to purchase of the user, through DATA and technology, adapting messages to tastes and preferences in order to gain relevance.

Traditionally, online campaigns were launched in a massive way trying to reach as many users as possible. This strategy can still be valid for branding campaigns, but if you are looking for direct results, it is better to save on advertising impressions. Shoot less, but better targeted to consumers who have actually shown interest in the item. This will optimize investment, needing much less to achieve same or better results.

Nowadays, with the arrival of variable purchase models (CPC cost per click, CPA cost per acquisition … etc), number of impressions is not important. Results rule. Customers only pay for the advertising impressions that end in a sale.

The key is to adequately segment each campaign and fine-tune the target, ensuring a measurable and direct ROI.

At Arkeero we focus on 2 main factors to achieve this:

1. Own technology:

After years of experience in the sector, existing tools started getting too small for our needs. This led us to develop our own technology. This R&D work has created:

An intelligent tool to manage and optimize opt-in databases, shoot subsequent email campaigns and generate feedback statistics.
Display Ad-server able to connect with others or use own inventory; to store and analyze generated data to finetune segmentation; to reimpact users who showed an interest.
2. Data:

Constant DATA generation and analysis provides knowledge of our users’ tastes and preferences.

Arkeero manages a categorized opt-in database of over 200M users in 18 countries. Add the Data generated by our own network of publishers. Add the expertise accumulated by our predictive technology. Add our qualified staff. 

The result: Success!

Additionally, our customers have real-time advanced tracking panels to monitor campaigns. Evaluating bid prices (if any), impressions, number of submissions, openers, click rates and other results. 100% transparent.