Hermes is a unique tool in the market, exclusively developed for our clients, that allows to manage and optimize Email Marketing campaigns.

Hermes is like a son to us. We created it. We have seen it grow over the last few years.

Another tool for mass mailing? Not at all. Hermes is much more than that. With the help of the best engineers and professionals in the sector, it has grown, matured, and, more importantly, “learned”.


When Hermes receives a new campaign, it analyzes the opt-in * user databases available (Arkeero-owned, external partners and/or provided by client), determining a cluster of “more receptive” users to the offer.

DATA is categorized under ComScore layers and interests… and beyond!

We can find clusters with unsuspected levels of detail, e.g. 25-35 year-old women in Madrid, with a travel buyer profile and now specifically interested in buying a cruise.

Once this is done, it shoots the first email, ensuring entry to inbox.

Hermes then performs a detailed analysis of the results: Openers, Clickers, Conversions, Schedules…

It crosschecks these results with the initial database, eliminates uninterested users, insists with another offer/message to those who did not convert, and, ultimately, optimizes results by adding or removing clusters until there are many more conversions with far fewer shoots.

Successive shoots generate extremely valuable DATA about user behavior that are stored and analyzed. Not only for the current campaign, but also for the future.

At the beggining, Hermes needed human intervention. It needed many more tests and shoots to obtain great results. But it has come of age. It can now detect previously undreamed of user behavior patterns.


Customers can monitor their campaign, any time, on our tracking panels. Seeing results improve with time.

HERMES generates thousands of new prospects for our advertisers every day.



*Opt-in database means that all users gave prior consent to receive this type of advertising communications. Arkeero sends commercial information via email with prior user authorization, complying with Law 34/2002 of July 11, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, ensuring full protection for brands.