Since the very beginning, Arkeero’s goal has been to accompany the user during all the purchase decision process, i.e. during most of the web browsing time. In order to do so, it was necessary to work on display advertising, to categorize audiences, to monitor and analyze generated DATA and to track results correctly.

The existing tools in the market could not crosscheck results with the rest of our platforms, giving an optimized global result, adding all the products used in each campaign.

So we developed our own ad-serving technology with advanced segmentation and tracking for display campaigns. Fully compatible with existing standard technologies in the marketplace.


Multi-device technology. Impacts user, throughout the day, on every device. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop … No limitations. Impacting at the right place & time to achieve conversion.


Ad-server with potentially infinite inventory source due to full compatibility with existing programmatic tools in the marketplace. We do, however, maintain a close business relationship with a list of categorized publishers with a great number of loyal users receptive to new offers.

Categorized audience channels such as TRAVEL, LIFESTYLE, MEN, SPORTS… Impacting a great number of very active users meeting very specific criteria.


Our technology is also a fully compatible DSP (Demand Side Platform), enabling us to buy inventory programmatically in, potentially, infinite websites. Connecting to all existing Trading Desks in the marketplace. Bidding for any real-time advertising space (RTB). Constantly optimizing prices. Always reassesing the result of each and every impression.


In order to make each impact relevant, and to make sure that the receiver is interested in the specific product or offer, we use our own network generated DATA (stored in our ad server), as well as external DATA from other DMPs (Data Management Platform) in the market. Our server crossreferences and discriminates superfluous inventory, replacing it with one that is having positive results. Fine-tuning segmentation optimizes advertising investment to the maximum. DATA management enables retargeting. Even adapting creativities and messages for each new impact.


We help our clients to develop high impact rich-media ad formats. In addition to the branding cappabilities, they will significantly increase the performace of the campaign.


Brands will always be protected. Never associated to sites with inappropriate content, or offering illegal activities and/or services.


Real time access to impressions launched, results, click rates … etc. Customizable tracking panels.